Leak Number 2: The Water Strikes Back

The Leak: In February of 2021, Adam S hired multiple contractors to repair his leaking roof. After their solutions failed to solve the issue, Adam called Dr. Leaks, who accurately detected and fixed the leak. One year later, Adam discovered a new leak in the same location as the original. After trusting us with the original leak repair, he contacted us again to inspect the new leak. 

The Detection: Since Adam was a previous customer, we sent the original inspector from his first leak to assess the new situation. He discovered a new leak in the roof, not related to the original, stemming from a small hole in the drainbox.

The Repair: Our team repaired the deteriorating fascia board and downspout that caused the hole, patched the damaged ceiling, and performed cosmetic repairs — leaving his home as if the leak never existed.

In 2021, Philadelphia homeowner Adam S called us to assess water spots and drips coming from his kitchen ceiling. Previously, other contractors had tried to fix the leak by attempting to patch the damage, spray stucco, and fix flashing above the leak. The solutions, however, didn’t last and the leak kept returning. 

We sent out one of our leak experts, Steve, who started working through our leak detection process. He was able to diagnose the issue as a roof leak resulting from a deteriorating roof membrane and provided Adam with a leak report that outlined his repair options. Steve went over the leak report with Adam, discussing the best solutions for his home, and together chose a solution. Our team repaired the leak and restored his ceiling and roof — with no additional contractors needed after. After going through so many other contractors, Adam was relieved to finally have the leak fixed once and for all.   

A year later, Adam contacted us again about a new leak. He didn’t believe it was the same leak as before, but water had appeared around the same location as the original leak. Just in case the previous leak had resprung, we set up a complimentary inspection for Adam. 

Investigating the new roof leak

With the second leak, Adam discovered water spots in the same area as the first, and in the bathroom above the kitchen as well. Based on the location of the new leak, we were glad to hear from Adam and have an opportunity to reassess our work to ensure it was top quality. At Dr. Leaks, we’re committed to having our customers’ backs — whether they’re discovering a leak for the first time or find new leak problems in the future. 

We sent Steve for the reassessment since he already had knowledge of Adam’s home and wouldn’t need to be brought up to speed. Steve was eager to reinspect the leak and ensure his work was up to snuff.  

We performed multiple tests to replicate water showing up around the bathroom window sill or right above it. Our tests came back without any evidence of a leak on the surface level. But with our years of experience detecting leaks, we knew we had to look further to find the true problem. 

To find any other possible entryways for water, we slightly wedged the window frame out, where we discovered running water on the brick wall behind it. The water found its way into the house from a small hole in the drainbox, created by deterioration around the downspout and facia board — a different issue than the original leak. This small, hidden hole caused the new leak, creating the water damage Adam found in his kitchen and bathroom.

After every inspection, we provide a Leak Report that goes into detail about what we found and our recommendation for how to fix the leak. We include photos and data gathered during the inspection and compile it into a comprehensive report designed so anyone can navigate and understand easily. The document outlines specific causes and effects of the individual leak and a full repair plan, allowing homeowners to have the knowledge to make the right decision for their home and be in control at every step. Upon reviewing his Leak Report, Adam agreed with Steve’s assessment and solutions, so we got to work repairing the new leak. 

Fixing the leak

We started by temporarily removing the existing downspout and rear gutter. This allowed us to repair the damaged fascia board and install metal capping over it that also extended slightly over the intersection with the stucco, eliminating the need for periodic maintenance at the intersection. We also sealed off the face of the chimney that intersects the drain box, as well as the breach below the drain box. To finish, we reinstalled the gutter and downspout. 

Testing our leak repair and cleaning up

To determine the success of our repairs, the best stress tests come from mother nature. We wait for a few weather events to do a final check to make sure that the leak is resolved. Adam’s home was watertight after this period, and we determined that our repair was successful. 

With the leak gone and Adam’s home fully-waterproofed, we moved on to cosmetic repairs. In the bathroom, we installed new drywall to fill the hole in the ceiling and patch the area. We also reinstalled the window box and added a completely new frame to it. In the kitchen, we removed the loose plaster ceiling and added a smooth new coat of plaster to fix the ceiling damage. To finish, we painted both rooms, and cleaned up any remaining dust and debris — restoring Adam’s home to its original condition and leaving it leak-free.  

Leak repair is more than just stopping water from seeping into your home, but also preventing any recurring leaks. Many homeowners discover that their DIY solutions or fixes from contractors have only stopped water temporarily. When DIY solutions don’t cut it, homeowners struggle with going through various contractors who don’t specialize in leak detection and repair. Cycling through many different professionals ends up wasting their time and money. At Dr. Leaks, we work exclusively with water leaks, so we have the expertise to detect and permanently fix a leak — it’s like it never even existed.


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