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Bill H. Homeowner

The guys who came on Monday were great and very professional, made me feel like I made the right decision, actually everyone I’ve dealt with in this company has been great!  … Again, thanks so much for making this as painless as possible.

Matt B. Homeowner

I was impressed with the guys and their professionalism. 5 stars - They also found the leak in a totally different area of where I would have fixed. Nice!

To be honest this has been a weight off my mind to have someone professional and who knows what they're doing help with the house problems.

It's like a vacation 🙂

Alyson S. Homeowner

I was very impressed by how thorough and informative Steve was. I definitely want to schedule an appointment!

Mike P. Homeowner

You guys have top notch customer service. Have messaged/reached out to many companies in your line and without a doubt, you guys are the best. I appreciate that.

Lindsey L. Homeowner

Our row home has been having leaks for a couple of years, largely due to faulty work by the original builder. Alex and his team are responsive, punctual, communicative, and responsible for their work. They charge by the hour, can be on the pricey end depending on the type of job but they itemize cost, return calls, and when lingering issues arise, they come back and address them.

Connor C. Homeowner

I had 2-3 contractors come out to figure out where a leak was coming from in my house. After one visit they figured out where the leak was coming from and diagnosed how to fix it. Haven’t had any water coming in since. Aaron was great and everyone that was involved was great. Definitely would use them again but hopefully won’t have to.

Lauren C. Homeowner

We had a mystery leak in the corner of our front bedroom, near our chimney. We had four or five contractors look at it, but no one seemed to know the source. We ended up replacing our chimney liner for our furnace and repairing the water-damaged wall, but then more water damage appeared. I finally called Dr. Leaks. Alex did a very thorough investigation, including opening up the wall and the ceiling, and advised me that we had likely repaired the wall before it was fully dried out. It looks like the leak never happened! His team also did some roof and chimney maintenance to ensure that no water came in that way. Alex is very good at explaining the investigation. I have a lot of peace of mind knowing that his investigation was so thorough.

Peter S. Homeowner

Professional and honest. They helped diagnose a slow leak scenario where it was completely unclear if the issue was with the roof, or with some plumbing (it was the plumbing). Their business model of working backwards from the leak works really well for this type of problem, as if we had simply hired a roofer it wouldn't have fixed what was the actual cause of the problem, and if we had just hired a plumber they may have missed other issues, and the fix for the plumbing issue falls more under carpentry than plumbing overall. The team diagnosed and repaired the issue promptly and restored the area of the ceiling that had to be disturbed in order to fix the leak, all in a single day. Would use again, would recommend.

John M. Homeowner

Please tell Alex that Steven and Luis did a super job and were very helpful in explaining things.  Much appreciated!

Natalie S. Homeowner

We will surely recommend you to anyone who asks and will continue to speak very highly of your team and all you do to help your customers get through difficult leak issues. You and Alex went above and beyond and we appreciate you.

Jim T. Homeowner

By the way, both Robs have been great.  I've been so impressed by everyone I've encountered at Dr Leaks.

Dan D. Homeowner

I was impressed with the professionalism of your team---they were great.

Beau H. Homeowner

My partner Stephen and I were very impressed by Luis and his team.

Pam S. Homeowner

For the first time in years, I'm looking forward to the next big rainstorm. Thanks!

Sally T. Homeowner

Luis and Steve were awesome, thank you so much!

Hillary H. Homeowner

Steve and Luis were wonderful. They were on time, very friendly and respectful of the property, and I appreciated their time in explaining some of the identified areas to us.

John K. Homeowner

Thanks for all of your help answering questions and providing updates throughout the process! You have really helped make a stressful situation much easier.

Tamara B. Homeowner

Rob did an incredible job and we were very happy with his work.

Jeanne O. Homeowner

You guys are honestly one of the best companies I've ever dealt with!  I did property management for years and I can truly say that your customer service is stellar.  Please know that I will continue to recommend you as I've done in the past (my neighbor used you guys upon my referral!).  

I can't thank you enough for working with us.

Azeem A. Homeowner

Thanks again for coming by last week. Luis did a phenomenal job.

Mike P. Homeowner

You guys have been great the last few years, would recommend to anyone!

Karissa J. Homeowner

I wanted to say the team was terrific, and I really appreciate how helpful and informative everyone who came out was to explain the work process, make sure I was happy with little details like the siding colors or trim, etc.

Steve G. Homeowner

Pablo and his team did an extraordinary job.  He also did an exemplary job of explaining what he was doing and why it was needed.


The house has been completely dry during the hard rains over the past 4 - 5 days!

Stephen K. Homeowner

This was the second time I used your services for leak detection and am very pleased.

Nancy D. Homeowner

We were plagued with leaks in a roof deck area for years. We tried roofers, masons, and contractors without success. Alex and the Dr Leaks team were able to approach the problem holistically and completely solved the problem. I’ve recommended them to others and would 100% call them again.

Susan D. Homeowner

We had a mysterious leak, under a 2nd floor deck into a corner of the kitchen, that has been unsolved for years, even with several attempts by others to repair it. We reached out to the Leak Doctors, and although initially it seemed to be solved, the leak continued, even as a small drip, but the team never gave up and in fact came to our house several times, a couple of times complementary, until it was resolved. Everyone we worked with (Hanlon, Steve, Luis, Robert, Rob, John, Israel) was very professional and great to work with.

Carla L. Homeowner

Dr. Leaks is a top notch business. They described the entire process before beginning work and everything went as planned. We had a vent stack replaced, which went from the basement to the roof. Dr. Leaks did the repairs with minimal damage to repair in the end, which the business also completed. I would highly recommend them!

Chris C. Homeowner

Easily 5 stars. Rob, Steve, Luis, and Hanlon are all excellent.

I was worried about the company's hourly rate until I realized that it includes 3-4 people working at the same time on the problem, testing and measuring every possible source of your leak. The amount of workers more than justifies the rate. In fact, it saves money in the end. They even did a free consultation.

When my leak came back with a vengeance, the team returned to make tweaks and adjustments to their previous repairs. They did this at no charge.

They explain what's going on, show you what they're doing, and treat you warmly. That goes a long way.

Tania O. Homeowner

OMG!! This is the first time since 1997 that I have not had a leak in my kitchen. 

Every time it rains I'm just sure it's gonna leak (since nothing has ever stopped the leak before), but as of today still NO leak. I'm so glad I found you guys online!!

Dan F. Homeowner

We have had a leak since before 2017 with multiple repairs. You are the only ones who found multiple sources to explain this why the first repair of the drain box never worked.

Andy R. Homeowner

I just used them and they found the source of the leak in a couple of hours.

Rob K. Homeowner

I just used them. Neat, fair and they discovered my leak.

Highly recommend!

Emeka B. Homeowner

These guys are awesome!  I had an ongoing leak on my patio for several months. Other contractors failed to properly diagnose and repair the leak.  Some recommended I replace the entire roof. Dr. Leaks were able to properly diagnose and repair the damage.  They were very professional and informative. Do not waste your time and money with other contractors. If you want peace of mind and the job done right, these guys are the real deal.

Wayne B. Homeowner

Dr. Leaks is top-notch — responsive, effective process, careful, thoughtful and they were successful with a very tricky complicated leak situation. They diagnosed and fixed. One of the best home repair experiences I have had. I just called them for another one, unfortunately!

Erin K. Homeowner
Knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. Highly recommended for any water issue.
Steven M. Homeowner
I found that the Dr Leaks team did an outstanding service at investigating the inspection. They came to me highly recommended and earned my respect after seeing their investigation! it’s a little pricey but this was money well spent!
Denny R. Homeowner

I have had an ongoing leak on my 2nd-floor living room ceiling for over a decade.  It would get “fixed” with patches and guesswork but has always returned.  My condo management company recently told me the leak was caused by “unwrapped HVAC connections” two stories above on my roof- and wanted $1300 to “fix” it.

Instead, I hired Dr. Leaks and they found the leak source within a few hours.  It was from a deck directly above the leak.  The crew who came (thank you Louis!) were great - on time, worked quickly and efficiently, and I now can finally get this ongoing problem fixed.  This was well worth the money and time spent.  I very much recommend this service.  Had I known about them before I could’ve avoided years of headache and repairs that failed over and over again.  Five stars…very impressed.

Dillon S. Homeowner

Dr. Leaks was a really great detection and contracting experience. Which, after having less than stellar contractors previously, was a huge relief. They were able to quickly find the leaks and provide an accurate (!) estimate of repair costs within 2 weeks.

Additionally, the team was extremely amenable to custom changes and adding upgrades to the repair work. Hanlon was great to work with coordinating schedules and answering lots of questions. The repair contractor, Daniel, was very diligent and professional. No messes were left at any point. Billing was accurate and detailed.

A+ worth the investment in paying for quality work.

Kurt S. Homeowner

I asked Dr. Leaks to investigate a number of leaks in my home.  Their process is highly thorough and it takes time.  I am pretty handy, but for months struggled to figure out where the water is coming from.  Two of their professional technicians spent all day at my home figuring out these leaks, which was quite difficult, but they found it.  They provided a thorough report of the leak locations and remediation plan.  Luckily I am able to remediate the issues myself.  If you’ve got a leak that you can’t figure out or can’t get to, these are the specialists to call.

Ron N. Homeowner

These are "one of a kind" professional people. We had a ceiling leak that would not stop "haunting" us. We went "through" four (4) quality roofing companies, with no luck. After coming across a Dr. LEAKS ad, we called. These guys are incredibly meticulous and extraordinarily professional. We have been "leak free" for 5 months. With great humor I shake my head with each rain, knowing that a job has been well done.

Joseph L. Homeonwer

Had a persistent leak for a couple of years…despite several repairs over the years the leak kept coming back. It seemed that repairs would work for a storm or two then come back. Dr. Leaks was able in one day to find the source of the leak. On a follow up a couple of months ago they fixed the leak and I no longer panic when the forecast calls for heavy precipitation.

Connie M. Homeowner

If you have a roof leak or water getting into your house, you know it’s difficult to find out where it’s coming from. You can spend hundreds of dollars or more on “fixes” that ultimately did not work. If you have a mystery leak, these are the people you need! They are amazing—-thorough and they use cameras that can show you where the water is getting in. I highly recommend!

Jon B. Homeowner

I had an ongoing roof problem that other companies could not fix. Dr. Leaks showed up on time, gave a fair estimate and solved the problem. Dr. Leaks is courteous and professional. I highly recommend them.

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