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Window and door leaks can occur for a wide variety of reasons — and frequently, what is thought to be a window or door leak is actually an issue elsewhere in your home, often from a weak point above where you’re seeing the leak. As the best leak detection and repair company in the business, you can rest easy. Because no matter where the original leak occurs, we will find it, fix it, and get your home back to watertight and pristine condition.

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With comprehensive expertise across roofing, plumbing, and interior and exterior waterproofing, we have the knowledge to diagnose and repair even the most mysterious leaks. Sit back and let us do what we are great at: fixing leaks.

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We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. With pictures and videos that document the specific causes and effects of your individual leak, a comprehensive Leak Report including a full repair plan, and consistent status updates, you can relax, because you’re in control of every step of the decision-making process.

We’ll take care of you from first drip to final fix

From leak detection and repair, to restoration and cosmetic repairs to get your house back to its original condition, we’ve got you covered. We are the last company you will need to hire to fix your water problems — when we’re done, it’ll be like the leak never existed.

We repair doors, windows, and everything in between

No matter where your leak occurs in your home, we have experience detecting and fixing leaks of all kinds. Common window and door leaks in Philadelphia include:

A photo showing a window leak, with significant water damage, taken by Dr. Leaks Philadelphia

Window Leaks

We repair leaks on all types of windows. The majority of window leaks are actually caused by a leak from a higher source, often another window. They can also be caused by blocked drainage, or windows that aren’t sealing or locking tightly.

An image of a water leak on a sliding glass door with water damage, taken by Dr. Leaks Philadelphia

Sliding & Exterior Door Leaks

Door leaks, whether swing doors or sliding doors, often have similar causes as window leaks, such as a leak elsewhere that is presenting in this area.

An image of a leaking skylight with water damage, taken by Dr. Leaks Philadelphia

Skylight Leaks

While skylights may be less common in Philly, some houses do have them, and skylights can be prone to leaking, especially when not installed or maintained properly.

How It Works

To find the best solution for your home, our Philadelphia leak experts will guide you through each step of our leak detection process, and answer any questions or concerns to keep you informed and in control. From our free consultation, to our thorough leak detection process and comprehensive Leak Report, through to repairing the leak and restoring the home to its original condition, we’re with you every step of the way to a leak-free home.

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