Dr. Leaks: Your Local Leak Expert

Founded by Alex Keating, Dr. Leaks is committed to helping you address any water leaks on your property. We will not only find the source of your pesky problem but also restore your home or office back to its original state.

How We Started

Before establishing our company, Alex worked on new constructions and renovations for two decades. During that period, he had a high volume of leak remediation projects and referrals. That was when he realized that there was a great need to address the increasing vulnerabilities in the housing stock in Philadelphia, PA, due to aging architecture.

On this same journey, Alex learned that many of the newer residential and commercial structures were not constructed using standard building practices. This resulted in the same weather-driven and interior-based water leaks experienced in older properties. The more leak repair and remediation projects Alex encountered, the more he felt compelled to solely focus on Dr. Leaks.

Leak Detection and Repair Experts

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