Dr. Leaks' Services

Dr Leaks will accurately assess your leak and is capable of performing a wide range of repairs on your home and finally restoring the interior finish to it’s original state.

Window Leaks

Casement windows

Sliding doors

Fixed windows

Water Damage & Stains

Brick Efflorescence

Ceiling/wall stains

Mildew odor

Plumbing & Pipe Leaks

Condensation issues

Interior plumbing leaks

Exterior plumbing leaks

Shingled roof

Flat Roof

Fiberglass Roof

Masonry Leaks

 Mortar decay

Unsealed brickwork


Bathroom Leaks

Tub Leaks

Toilet Leaks

 Sink Leaks

Building Envelope

Stucco Siding

Pilothouse door

Sliding door

Foundation Leaks

French drain issues

Water in basement

Basement window issues

Need your leak fixed for good?

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