With comprehensive expertise across roofing, plumbing, and interior and exterior waterproofing, we have the knowledge to diagnose and repair even the most mysterious leaks. Sit back and let us do what we are great at: fixing leaks.

We are the last company you will need to hire to fix your water problems — when we’re done, it’ll be like the leak never existed.

Disclaimer: While we have leak detection and repair expertise across many types of homes in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, and work with many different types of water leaks, every home and leak is unique. This page goes over our standard process for most customers to show what you can expect with a typical leak, but depending on your circumstances, we may adjust parts of our process to best address your specific leak. Rest assured, we do everything in our power to repair your leak and restore your home to its original condition, even if we need to tailor our process to your circumstances to do so.

PHASE 1: Virtual Consultation

During our free consultation, we take a complete history of your leak: discussing any past repairs, reviewing any photos or videos you have of the leak, and listening to your concerns for your home. We provide the detailed steps of our leak detection process, answer any questions you have, and help you determine the next step to repair your leak — leaving you in charge at every step of the decision-making process. No matter your choices, our goal is to put you back in control of your leak problem.

What to Expect

  • A free virtual consultation about your leak  
  • A detailed explanation of our leak detection process 

PHASE 2: Leak Detection

Our Leak Detection process starts with a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home, checking for possible water entry points and examining any visible damage. We then replicate the leak, allowing us to generate a list of repair options. Typically, the most efficient and reliable way to see the water intrusion is by cutting a small opening in an interior wall or ceiling, so this is frequently part of the water testing process. After our detection, we provide you with a comprehensive Leak Report, documenting the specific causes and effects of your leak and acting as an estimate for repairs.

What to Expect

  • This process can take between two and eight hours, and requires your presence for complete transparency during the process. 
  • To fully inspect the area, our team will replicate the leak, which may include cutting an opening to an interior wall.
  • After detection, we typically generate a full leak report within 14 business days to document our findings and estimate the repairs your home needs.

PHASE 3: Leak Repairs

Before we get started on repairing your leak, we’ll lead you through our plan so you have a clear understanding of your options and can make an informed decision. Then, our expert repair team can get to work acquiring the needed materials and waterproofing your home. Our team is capable of handling the majority of your leak repairs, including roof repairs, plumbing repairs, windows, chimneys, and more. See our full list of in-house repairs on our services page.

What to Expect

  • We’ll show you our repair plan and guide you through our waterproofing process, before getting started.  
  • We arrive at 8am on the scheduled day unless otherwise specified.
  • After we finish fixing the leak, we clear any leftover debris to make sure you have a clean, repaired, and leak-free home! 

Bonus: Testing The Leak Repair

To make sure that your leak is gone for good and that we provide the most accurate and economical results, we let nature take over the testing process to test the repairs. After a few weather events — that would have typically elicited the leak in the past — pass by without any water intrusion, we consider the leak resolved.

If the original leak is not completely gone within this period, we will return to your home for a free follow up leak detection. If there is any issue with our repair workmanship, we will repair it at no cost to you. If a previously hidden source of intrusion is discovered, we will present you with a clear path to resolving it.

PHASE 4: Cosmetic Repairs

While fixing your leak is our first priority, our process doesn’t end there. The final step to complete our work is to restore your home. Once your leak is fully resolved, we offer interior cosmetic restoration to make it look like we were never even there. From first drip to final fix, we bring your home back to the way it was.

What to Expect

  • Our contractors fully restore the interior of your home to make it look like the leak never existed.
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