Lead Water Leak Detection Technician

  • Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Leaks is a Philadelphia area company focused on residential leak detection and repair. Covering plumbing, roofing, and building envelope leaks, we are a full-service company that handles the entire process from leak detection, to leak repairs, all the way through to cosmetic repairs. We are a highly organized, quickly growing company, so there is a lot of organizational support and company processes that are aimed to make your job easier, as well as plenty of opportunities for career advancement as we grow.

Role Description

This role is for a Lead Water Leak Detection Technician, and your primary responsibility will be to find the source of our customers’ leaks. If you enjoy solving puzzles or dream of being a detective, this is the perfect job for you! This is a lead position. We will provide thorough hands-on training on our process and on how to ensure you are properly and independently identifying the sources of our customers’ leaks.

The single most important indicator of success in this role is a patient and methodical approach and a passion for solving the mystery of where a leak is originating. Knowledge of basic building envelope and interior water sources is a huge plus and will aid in being able to find potential sources for the leak/s. Must be comfortable working outside and on ladders and roofs in all weather other than heavy rain and snow.

A typical day looks like:

Arrive on site shortly before your morning appointment to review all notes/photos on the project prior to greeting the client. Make contact with the client and get their history of the leak. Explain our process to them if needed. Perform the Leak Detection with your Leak Detection Assistant. Upon completion of your morning appointment you will repeat the same process for an afternoon appointment. For both daily appointments you will upload photos, videos, and a narrative summary the same day, for each visit.


  • Being the main point of contact for the client, taking the history of the leak, answering questions, explaining our process, and keeping them updated before and during the appointment
  • Performing Leak Detection and find the source of the leak/s
  • Overseeing and maximizing the use of your Leak Detection Assistant on each project
  • Accepting payment from the client or coordinating payment with the office
  • Uploading all photos, videos, and information from the appointment to our cloud-based platform in a timely manner


  • A patient and methodical approach to solving mysteries
  • Adaptability to our unique processes and approaches to Leak Detection
  • Excellent crew and client communication skills
  • Must be comfortable on ladders and roofs in all weather except heavy rain or snow
  • Ability to quickly learn, or previous experience with, online work platforms 
  • Knowledge of residential building envelopes, interior plumbing, and HVAC are not requirements but are big pluses
  • Any trades experience (roofing work, door and window installation, siding, plumbing, etc) is especially helpful in this role, but not required

Pay & Benefits

  • Full-Time, $25-$35 per hour depending on experience
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Paid Vacation Time (PTO)
  • 401k retirement
  • Salaried opportunities
  • Year-round work
  • Gas card for company use
  • Huge growth opportunities as the company grows, from salary increases, to management roles, to new roles created by expanding markets.

Why Work at Dr. Leaks

  • Huge potential for growth: We are a small but quickly growing company. As we expand to the suburbs and beyond, there will be massive opportunities for growth in raises, promotions, and entirely new roles.
  • Administrative support: We handle all the logistics and admin so you can just focus on your work. Our highly organized process aims to make your job as easy and stress-free as possible.
  • Learn more about our company culture 

About the Company

  • Dr. Leaks is Philadelphia’s best leak detection and repair company — we handle roofing, plumbing, and building envelope leaks, and our proven process results in many satisfied, leak-free customers. We take pride in being thorough and in supporting our customers during a stressful time in their lives.
  • We have big plans to expand beyond city limits to the suburbs and to new East Coast markets — that means that if you join our team, you’ll be a part of a stable, ambitious company with tremendous growth opportunities and comprehensive benefits.

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